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Hunting with Birds of Prey. The Birds of Prey Festival is devoted to golden eagles and falcons, which are revered by the Kyrgyz. Since ancient times, hunters have caught young chicks and taken them home, to bring them up and train them to hunt animals. In past times, one bird of prey could support a small settlement. Hence a Golden Eagle, or a falcon, was highly esteemed and was frequently treated as a member of family. People practiced in the art of training bird of prey are called “Bürkütchü” and “Kushchu” and treated with great respect.

Folklore concert. Singing and dancing with musical accompaniment is still an important part of the Kyrgyz culture. Bokonbaevo’s folklore group features the area’s finest musicians singing and playing the komuz, Kyrgyzstan’s three-stringed instrument, the ooz komuz, a small metal mouth harp, and other traditional instruments.

Day Time Activity
August 11,Saturday



8.00-10.00 Arrival time.
10.00 Welcoming at Jaychy yurt camp. Exhibition and sale of local felt items.
11.30 National Horse Games (Ulak-Tartysh, Er Oodarysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tyiyn-Enmei)
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Folklore and Dances
14.30 Opening ceremony and history of huntingwith Birds of Prey (Golden Eagle)

Hunting with Birds of Prey demonstration

Falcon hunting “Dalba”

Taigan racing

Talk with Bürkütchü (eagle hunters), taking photographs

15.30 National Games (bow shooting, arkan-tartmai, eshek urush)
16.00 Master class – Kara-Jorgo Dance, making shyrdak, chiyi, ormok, komuz and arrows.
17.00 End of the festival

Entrance fee:  800 soms per person Including 1 lunch and participation in all activities of the festival. It does not include dinner and overnight stay in a yurt. 180 soms per person transport from Bokonbaevo both ways