Osh is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. The exact date of its origin is unknown, however, the city of Osh is mentioned in IX century Arab sources. What is known is that Osh was a major trading centre on the Silk Road, connecting the Mediterranean and the Middle East with the Pamirs, Tibet, China and India. Tourists prefer to walk to Sulaiman Too mountain, buy the fresh fruits and vegetables at the local bazaars, taste the local samsy and shashliks in this famous Kyrgyz city. The main attraction of the city – Sulaiman-too, has been a sacred place for Muslims since ancient times, and now it also attracts a lot of pilgrims. Since ancient times Osh was famous for its bazaars and caravanserais. Osh has its specific atmosphere, which you cannot experience in other Kyrgyz cities, so take your time to stop by if you travel around south Kyrgyzstan.